Can I Bring It on an Airplane? TSA Rules for Carry-ons, Checked Bags and the TSA Prohibited List [Updated for 2022]

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Wondering what you can bring on a plane in 2022? We all have the same thought when we pack for a trip: what am I allowed to bring on a plane? Sometimes, you can answer this internal question yourself in a matter of seconds. After all, air travel is a ubiquitous part of our lives, so you should remember. But every situation is different and the TSA rules and restrictions are extremely rigid. You don’t want to have to throw out an expensive bottle of wine or be the subject of an investigation for trying to bring a banned item on board, so it’s important to know exactly what you can bring along with you. Different airlines do have differing rules on a number of items, but in general if it’s allowed by the TSA, it should be ok with the airline. Β 

What’s Allowed By the TSA in Your Carry-on?

We’re all aware of the 3-1-1 rule (if you aren’t check out our primer on it), which allows containers with liquid no greater than 3.4 ounces in size to be put in a one quart-sized zip top bag.Β 

If you are unsure, any bag from this TSA approved list should do the trick.

You may need a little more than toothpaste and shaving cream, but those items could be restricted or banned from being brought on board in your carry-on. Basically, if anything you want to bring on board is non-toiletry, you might want to be prepared to have to leave it behind.Even for basic toiletry items we still might not be sure. Can I bring a razor in my carry-on? Is there a limit to how much food I can bring on a plane? Am I allowed to bring my medication on board?


Yes, Β disposable razorsΒ are allowed in carry-on luggage. Straight razors or safety razors (where the razor blade can be removed) are not allowed in carry-ons and must be checked. , not so much. Those, along with other sharp objects – such as a box cutter or switchblade – are only allowed in checked luggage.


Liquid makeupΒ is allowed in carry-ons but must still adhereΒ the 3.4 ounce rule, and it all must fit into one clear quart-size bag. Powdered makeup in all its forms is acceptable as well.


Tweezers are permitted in carry-on luggage.


Whether for a long flight or for your kids, food is sometimes an absolute must. You are permitted to bring food on the plane. These foods must be wrapped or in a container when going through security, and they will need to be X-rayed. Food containers may also be counted as your personal item by your airline, so be warned. Obviously, you can’t bring liquids (more than 3.4 ounces) through security, so any liquid food or beverage may not be carried on: alcohol, maple syrup, jams and jellies, salad dressing, creamy dips, yogurt, salsa, and soups to name a few. You can however bring on cake and fresh fruit for what it’s worth.Β 


Airport securityΒ allows a lot of leeway when it comes to medication. In fact, the TSA recommends you keep medication in your carry-on in case you need access to it. Β If it’s liquid medication , you canΒ bring more than 3.4 ounces (as long as it’s a reasonable amount – don’t try to bring 3 gallons of liquid tylenol onboard) and it does not need to be in a zip top bag. If it’s in pill or solid form you may bring an unlimited amountΒ , it doesn’t need to be bottled, but different states have different laws regarding labeling.

Baby Food, Breast Milk, and Baby Formula

These items are also not subject to the 3.4 ounce liquid rule and do not need to be kept in a plastic zip top bag. Β You may bring as much as you need for your child. Β Be sure to let the TSA agent know that you are carrying baby food, breast milk or formula.


Most batteries for consumer electronics are allowed in cary-on luggage. Dry cell alkaline batteries, Nickel Metal Hydride (NiMH) and Nickel Cadmium (NiCad); typical AA, AAA, C, D, 9-volt, button sized, ect. (both single use and rechargeable varieties) are allowed. Consumer sized lithium ion batters (under 100 watt hours per battery) and up to two larger lithium ion batteries (such as extended life laptop batteries) may be carried on in their device.Β .

However, loose lithium batteries are not permitted in checked bags and MUST be carried on with you. Β Car batteries, wet batteries, or any other spillableΒ batteries not allowed in eitherΒ carry-on and checked baggage (unless they are being used to power aΒ wheelchair).


Firearms are NOT allowed in carry-on luggage, EVER. Β If you are bringing a gun, see our guide to traveling with a firearm.

What Size Carry-on Bag Am I Allowed To Bring on A Plane?

Read our guide on carry on luggage size or, for specific luggage, visit this page on Amazon forΒ TSA Approved Travel Luggage.

What’s Allowed in Your Checked Bag?

Obviously if you’re going to be gone for a while, you want your own full size bottles of shampoo and body wash. You probably know that these have to go in your checked bag, but what of products that aren’t related to personal care, such as the aforementioned bottle of scotch?

The TSA has very clearly defined rules when it comes to the transporting of alcohol on a flight. If the alcohol content is greater than 70 percent (140 proof) then it is not allowed on the plane at all. If it is between 24 percent and 70 percent, you are allowed to pack five liters worth of alcohol in your checked bag. Mini bottles are usually 1.7 ounces, and you are allowed to carry those on the plane so long as they are all in one quart-size zip top bag. The bottle must be unopened, and If it’s less than 24 percent, then it’s not subject to any hazardous materials restrictions. You are not allowed to drink alcohol that you bring on the plane, so if you want to get your drink on, you are going to have to push the call button for the flight attendant.

When it comes to firearms and ammunition, they are only allowed in checked baggage. The gun must be unloaded and locked in a hard container, and the ammunition to be securely locked as well. The only thing you’re allowed to carry on is the key to these containers, and a rifle scope should it be necessary.

What If You’re Traveling With a Pet?

If you’re someone who just can’t leave home without Fido or Fluffy, then it’s important to know that different airlines have different rules regarding traveling with pets. For example, Southwest requires that your pet be under a certain weight and be able to fit (and stay) in a carrier for the duration of the flight. This costs $95 each way, and they do not allow for pets to be β€œstowed.” There are numerous safety issues for you to consider when bringing your furry rugrats on a flight.

Other domestic airlines such as Delta, American and United all have the same rules. There is a weight limit for animals to be brought into the cabin, but they do allow larger dogs to fly in a crate in the cargo area, which costs $125 either way.

Any of these pet carriers should work for most airlines, but check the size restrictions just to be sure.

Due to the press coverage of airline’s losing pets, they now offer the ability to track your pet throughout the duration of the trip. For stipulations on service animals and whether a veterinarian’s note is required, check your airline’s information page. Most will require at least 48 hours notice, or for you to mention it when booking your ticket if you wish to bring on a service animal.

Above all else, and you probably don’t need us to tell you as you likely already learned this from Russel Crowe, but do not try to bring your hoverboard on your flight. It well not end well.

TSA Prohibited Items 2019

There is a pretty substantial list of items that are never allowed through security or on a commercial aircraft. Β The TSA maintains a “prohibited item list”. Β Here are the items not allowed as checked bags or carry-ons:

  • Aerosol Paint
  • Blasting Caps
  • Pool or Spa Chlorine
  • Fire Extinguishers or other compressed gas containers
  • Fireworks or Firecrackers
  • Flammable Liquids or gels
  • Flavored or other Recreational Oxygen
  • Fuels – cooking ore any other liquid fuel
  • Gas Torches
  • Gasoline
  • Grenades (This should go without saying)
  • Lighter Fluid
  • Liquid Bleach
  • Replica Explosives or Incendiaries (also real explosives or incendiaries)
  • Spillable Batteries (wheelchair batteries excepted)
  • Tear Gas
  • Turpentine or Paint Thinner
  • Vehicle Airbags
  • Flares
  • Gun Lighters
  • Gun Powder

Other Items Allowed as either Carry-on or Checked:

  • Electronic Cigarettes (E-Cigs) and Vaping Devices: Carry-on Only
  • Lighters: Carry-on Only (Ok in checked bags if they are empty)
  • Axes and Hatchets: Checked Only
  • Drills and Drill Bits: Checked Only
  • Saws (handsaws or power saws): Checked Only
  • Tools under 7 inches in length (including wrenches, screwdrivers, and plies): CheckedΒ AND Carry-on OK
  • Tools OverΒ 7 inches in length (including wrenches, screwdrivers, and plies): Checked Only
  • Baseball Bats: Checked Only
  • Bow and Arrow: Checked Only
  • Golf Clubs: Checked Only
  • Hockey Sticks and Lacrosse Sticks: Checked Only
  • Ice Skates and Roller Blades: CheckedΒ AND Carry-on OK
  • Ski Poles: Checked Only
  • Spear Guns: Checked Only
  • Box Cutters: Checked Only
  • Knives: Checked Only
  • Scissors: Checked Only
  • Any type of Sword or thrusting Weapon: Checked Only
  • Brass Knuckles: Checked Only
  • Mace, Pepper Spray or other Self Defense Spray: Checked Only
  • Stun Gun or Taser: Checked Only
  • Firearms and ammunition: Checked Only (for more detailed information on firearms, go to our firearm information page)

*The final authority on any item rests with the TSA Officer, so your mileage may vary.


    • Walt, a walking cane – or crutches – falls under the category of a mobility device. There’s little restriction on such safety- and health-related items. You should have no problem bringing it on – unless you have one with a concealed blade or other weapon/hidden compartment.

  1. Where can I find information on transporting camping/hiking gear;cook fuel.

    • Perhaps we need a post on specifically on camping gear, but you should be able to bring cooking stoves WITHOUT the fuel. TSA does not allow you to carry canister fuel on an airplane, but can carry a fuel bottle for a liquid fuel stove if you take the proper precautions. However, it still may be confiscated by a TSA employee. Attempt at your own risk.

  2. Am i allowed to take a bag of tea onto the flight its in its herb form in a bag

    • Both loose leaf tea and tea bags are allowed in carry-ons and checked bags with no restrictions. Just make sure the herbal tea doesn’t include any – ahem – illicit herbs.

  3. Is there a limit on the amount of powder makeup that is allowed to bring in the carry-on suitcase??

    • There is no limit on powder makeup or cosmetics. Gel balms, however, are subject to the liquids rule.

  4. I broke my wrist, have metal hardware implanted and wear a brace with metal in it to keep my wrist from bending. Can I wear brace on plane? Flying internationally on British Air from Toronto to London to Stockholm.

  5. Can I carry on fly fishing rods for domestic trip from Atlanta?

    • Terry,
      The TSA allows fishing poles, but as a carry-on, you should call your airline to see if the pole exceeds their carry-on limits or their regulations. Tackle is OK as a carry-on, but just be sure that you don’t have any knives or large fishing hooks. You would probably be safer checking your equipment though, as you are subject to the flight crew and airline’s rules and interpretation of them.

  6. Can I sew (cross stitch) on the plane? With a small needle and small scissors (3 1/2 inch)?

    • Needles and scissors under 4 inches in length are allowed in your carry-on baggage, but circular thread cutters or any other cutter or needlepoint tools that contain blades must be placed in checked baggage. Whether or not you are permitted to actually sew on the flight may depend on your airline. And, as always, the TSA agent is the ultimate authority, so even it it is permitted by rule, they may ask you to throw it out. Good luck.

    • Can I bring a small bottle of liquid medication (less than 3.4 oz) and syringes for its injection (for erectile dysfunction) as a carry-on or in my checked baggage?

      • Medications are allowed – along with the products that go with them – even in larger quantities than 3.4 ounces. You can bring syringes when accompanied by the medication, but NOT without medication.

    • I don’t see anything specifically mentioning steering wheel locks, but, given their size and heft, I would imagine that they are treated like baseball bats, pool cues and other like sporting equipment. You should be able to check it but probably won’t be able to carry it on.

    • Yes you can, as long as they are the disposable variety. Straight razors or safety razors ( where the razor blade is removable) are NOT permitted in carry-on luggage and must be checked.

  7. Can I bring this type of razor, Gillete Venus, in my checked bag? (the blade is removable)

    • Yes Amanda. That razor has a removable blade cartridge so it is ok. If the straight razor blade came out, then you would not be able to carry it on, but you could still check it.

  8. Can i bring on board a molcagete it’s a lava rock bowl where it’s used to make salsa I need to know asap my flight it’s from Houston to l.a

    • As long as it fits in your approved carry-on bag, I don’t think you should have a problem. Molcagetes are really heavy though, so be careful stowing once on board. If you decide to check it, you may incur overweight baggage fees.

    • Yes. You should be able to bring your playstation 4. I wouldn’t risk checking it either! You should be able to carry-on any game console, just be sure to bring the power cords as the TSA agent may try to plug it in to make sure it powers on (just like a laptop).

  9. I’m diabetic and I have a insulin pump would that be a problem

    • Veronica, yes, you can absolutely bring your insulin pump – but your supplies need to be accompanied by insulin. The TSA regulations specifically state that any diabetes-related supplies, equipment, and medication are allowed through security once they have been properly screened by X-ray or
      hand inspection. Here are a few of the other diabetes related products with the A-Ok from the TSA:
      β€’ Insulin, Insulin pumps and insulin loaded dispensing products (vials, jet injectors, biojectors,
      epipens, infusers, and unlimited numbers of unused syringes when accompanied by insulin).
      β€’ Glucose testing equipment including: Lancets, blood glucose meters, blood glucose meter test strips, alcohol swabs, meter-testing solutions
      β€’ Insulin pump and insulin pump supplies when accompanied by insulin
      β€’ Glucagon emergency kit
      β€’ Urine ketone test strips
      β€’ Unlimited number of used syringes when transported in sharps or similar disposal container

  10. Can I bring 2-100ml bottles of e-juice in my carry-on. I will be gone for two weeks.

    • As long as the total liquid is less than 3.4 ounces, you should be able to bring the E-juice for vaping in your carryon. Any more than that will have to go in your checked luggage. Vaping devices can only be carried on (not in checked bags) and should be marked and disassembled. (just be prepared to explain what they are to a TSA agent, should they ask).

  11. Can I bring peroxide and epsom salts on a plane for medical reasons, either checked or carry on?

    • I wouldn’t try to bring more than 3.4 ounces through security. While you can bring more of medically necessary liquids, the TSA agent screening you may not allow it. Also, only 3 percent peroxide solutions (like the kind you would purchase in a store) are allowed. Please do not try to bring more concentrated peroxide through as you may be in for a long weekend.

  12. Can I bring power bank (for USB charging of electronic devices on long flights) as carry on?

    • Power banks are subject to the same rules as spare batteries. They must carried on (do not put them in checked luggage) and you should have no issue with any under 100wh capacity. Between 100 and 160wh capacity, you should check with your airline. Over 160wh, don’t bring it.

  13. Hi! Can I carry on a backpack with a 20 lb metal plate inside. It is used for weight training/rucking at my destination. Thank you!

    • This should not cause you any issue Jamie. The TSA does not have any regulations against hiking or weight training backpacks. If the plate is removable, they may ask you to take it out in security. Some airlines do have weight limits for carry-ons however, usually around 25 pounds.

    • Mei, no a power bank of that size is a no go in carry on or checked bags. The absolute max size (with which you will need to check with your carrier first) is 160WH or 17000 Ah for the 9 volt variety.

      • Depends on the type of lithium battery. ​If the nominal battery voltage is 3.6-3.8v (3.7v) like most lithium batteries on the market, then for that device (50000mAh x 3.7v) / 1000 = 185Wh…making it definitely a “Prohibited Item” exceeding FAA’s 160Wh’s requirement by 25Wh, but IF the Lithium-ion Battery is “phosphate-based” then the nominal battery voltage is 3.2v bringing the (Wh) to exactly 160wh the exact MAX. This is why we cannot go solely off of a mAh rating, but please correct me if I’m wrong so I don’t make a mistake!

        “The phosphate-based lithium-ion has a nominal cell voltage of 3.20V and 3.30V; lithium-titanate is 2.40V. This voltage difference makes these chemistries incompatible with regular Li-ion in terms of cell count and charging algorithm.”

      • Regarding the “17000 Ah for the 9 volt variety” (17000mAh x 9v) / 1000 = 153Wh making this device below the 160Wh FAA (101-160v) requirement.

        “With airline approval, passengers may also carry up to two spare larger lithium ion batteries (101-160 watt hours)”.

        FAA’s current requirements:

        As of today, Delta authorizes up-too (160wh) without prior consent.

        ​”Size Limits for Lithium Batteries:
        Passengers are permitted to travel with lithium ion batteries that contain a maximum of 160 watt hours per battery. Any lithium ion battery containing more than 160 watt hours is prohibited from carriage on all passenger aircraft. Lithium ion batteries installed in a personal electronic device can be transported as checked or carry on baggage. Lithium ion batteries not installed in a device (spares) must be in carry-on baggage and no more than two (2) spares between 100 and 160 watt hours are allowed.”

        Delta’s Restricted / Approved Item’s:

        Also, please correct me if I’m wrong so I don’t make a mistake!

  14. Can I bring an unopened, new iPhone on board or will I need to unwrap it?

  15. Can I bring a lithium battery 18 volt 24 watt power tool battery?

    • Loose batteries are not allowed in checked baggage but can be carried on. You are allowed 2 higher capacity batteries in your carry on – but they cannot exceed 160 Wh. Typically, these are meant to be for consumer electronics, however, so while you should be able to bring them on, the TSA agent may not allow it.

  16. I understand u can bring a vaping devise as a carry on how about the juice does it have to be a new closed bottle or can I bring one that’s been open already

  17. I have asthma and always carry a rescue inhaler on me. Will I be allowed to carry on plane with me?

    • Yes, just as with equipment and medication for diabetes, you should absolutely be able to bring you inhaler.

    • As long as it fits in your bag and is empty (remember the 3-1-1 liquids rule) you should be fine.

  18. I’m traveling with chocolate . Can I check a bag with gel packs to keep it from melting ?

    • Tom, you are allowed to bring frozen liquid (or gel) items or ice packs through TSA checkpoints as long as they are frozen solid when presented for screening. If they are melted at all – i.e. if any liquid or slush is present – they must meet 3-1-1 liquids requirements.
      They are allowed in carry-on or checked baggage.

  19. I use a nebulizer for my COPD. Will I be able to bring that on the plane or should it be checked?

    • As long as it fits in the size requirements for carry on it should be fine as a carry-on. Just be sure to let the TSA agent know it’s in your bag.

  20. i am traveling soon with american airlines i have a purse that has a metal lock built in may i bring it as my personal item????

    • You should be able to. If it is quite large, they may consider it your carry-on rather than your personal item, however. You will have to unlock it through security.

      • thank you it is a small purse and i can unlock thank you for the info

  21. Am I able to bring on 2 empty water bottles filled with trail mix?

  22. Can I take a weightlifting chain belt on a plane? It’s basically a large leather belt with about 5 feet of chain attached to it.

    • Arthur, while the belt would be fine, I wouldn’t try to carryon a five foot chain. This type of object is not specifically classified, but I believe a security screener would not allow it through. Just like most large sports equipment, checked bags is probably the way to go.

  23. can i bring my knitting needles in my carry on thy are made of metal thanks

    • Yasso, needles and scissors under 4 inches in length are allowed in your carry-on baggage, but circular thread cutters or any other cutter or needlepoint tools that contain blades must be placed in checked baggage. Whether or not you are permitted to actually sew on the flight may depend on your airline. And, as always, the TSA agent is the ultimate authority, so even it it is permitted by rule, they may ask you to throw it out. Good luck.

  24. may i bring clorox wipes in my carry on to clean my tables in planes i do not like germs

  25. excuse me i was wondering something i will travel with american airlines soon and i have herd i may take 1 personal item and one carry on with no cost and i will be bringing a backpack as my carry on and a small purse as my personal item i will be bringing a neck pillow (aka travel pillow) i will have the pillow in my carry on will this small pillow count as a personal item????

    • This will vary from airline to airline. You should be able to bring the pillow on along with the purse and backpack. I have the same setup (substitute purse for computer case) and I just clip the pillow to my backpack. Good Luck.

    • As a carry-on, you may bring it if it adheres to the 3.4 ounce liquid rule. If it is larger than that, you must check it or the TSA will discard it. If you purchase it from a store inside a security check point, you will be able to bring it onboard.

  26. Can I bring a case of beer in checked bag ? It will be packed inside suitcase in a zippered bag.

    • Yes Robert, you can bring beer in checked luggage. Alcohol under 140 proof is allowed. Airlines have specific rules regarding max weight and luggage size however, so keep that in mind.

  27. I have a new aerosol can of leather and suede protector which came with the leather coat I bought on vacation. Prob a stupid question. Can says extremely flammable. No go for checked bag?

    • Deb, that is correct. Flammable liquids or Gels are NEVER allowed in either checked or carry-on luggage. I’d recommend treating your jacket before you go and or picking up a small bottle at your destination. Good luck.

  28. I’m travelling to do some photographic work. Can I still have the film (5 x 7 sheet film in the original box) hand checked? I’ve been told that I should not check it in luggages as they use high-dose radiation for those bags.

  29. i am traveling with american airlines tomorrow i was wondering if
    there is a limit of how much your carry on can weigh if there i how many pounds as the limit

    • Yasmine, the max carry on weight is 51 pounds and you MUST be able to lift if into the overhead compartment.

  30. i am going to travel with american airlines in a day can i bring snacks in my carry on

    • Yes you can bring snacks. You can even bring drinks onboard your flight, as long as you purchase those drinks inside the airport and after you have passed screening.

  31. What’s the largest package of sugar I can pack in my carry on

    • Is this really Annmarie or is this really Edward?

      How big are you thinking?

    • Annmarie, I would imagine whatever would fit in your carryon and not exceed your airline’s weight limit. However, a huge package of sugar may raise questions with the screeners; so prepare to answer them and possibly have to dump the sugar if they request it. Remember, the final answer lies with each individual screener. If you must bring a large amount of sugar, be sure to leave it in it’s original packaging.

  32. I am flying on AA tomorrow and just read the following from another site under “Not permitted for carry on:” Mouthwash and toothpaste, shampoo and conditioner, ALL creams and lotions including Neosporin or first-aid creams and ointments, suntan lotions, moisturizers, etc. Does this apply to the items from home we pack in little bottles in our plastic bags? I don’t recall this restriction when I flew last year.

    • Oran, these are not permitted in carry-on luggage in amounts greater than 3 ounces and kept in ziploc bags. So, you may bring them as long as they comply with the 3-1-1 rules. Otherwise, they must be checked.

    • Yes, Steve. EPI pens are allowed. Be sure that it is clearly marked and you let the agent know that you have it in your bag. You may request that it be hand screened, rather than xray-ed since the effects of X-Rays on epinephrine are unclear. When in doubt with any medicine or medically necessary product, bring a note from your doctor. It can help clear anything up.

    • Lex,

      I would contact your airline regarding the pool pump. You most certainly won’t be able to carry it on, but I don’t see why you wouldn’t be able to check it (as long as there are no hazardous chemicals along with it).

  33. Hi! Can you tell me if I am allowed to carry-on
    On-the-go drink mixes that are packaged?

    • Angie,

      Yes you may bring on the go mixes, provided they are not mixed with liquid when going through security.

  34. Can a ferrocerium (AKA “mischmetal”, “hot spark”, “metal match”, or “fire steel”) for hiking emergency fire-starting be brought on board a plane? How about a more old-fashioned flint-and-steel? I haven’t been able to find out on the TSA website.

    • Although a ferrocerium is not specifically mentioned, fire starters are not allowed as carry-on. You should also be aware that even if an item is usually allowed to be brought on as carry-on, it may be subject to additional screening or not allowed to pass through security if it triggers an alarm during the screening process, appears suspicious to security agents, has looked like it has been tampered with, or poses a potential security risk. Ultimately, the decision is made by the TSA agent inspecting your items on whether to allow any items on the plane.

      Here is what is specifically stated that you cannot bring on board a flight:

      • Aerosols*
      • Blasting Caps
      • Chlorine for Pools and Spas
      • Dynamite
      • Fire Extinguishers and Other Compressed Gas Cylinders
      • Fireworks
      • Flammable Liquid, Gel, or Aerosol Paint
      • Flammable Paints
      • Fuels**
      • Gas Torches
      • Gasoline
      • Gel-Type Candles
      • Hand Grenades
      • Lighter Fluid
      • Liquid Bleach
      • Non-Flammable Liquid, Gel, or Aerosol***
      • Realistic Replicas of Explosives
      • Realistic Replicas of Incendiaries
      • Recreational Oxygen
      • Spillable Batteries
      • Spray Paint
      • Strike-anywhere Matches
      • Tear Gas
      • Torch Lighters
      • Turpentine and Paint Thinner
      • Vehicle Airbags

      * Aerosols are prohibited with the exception of personal care items or toiletries in limited quantities.
      ** Cooking fuels and any flammable liquid fuel is prohibited.Β 
      *** Up to 3.4 oz./100.55 ml or less that fit in one, clear, plastic, quart-sized, resealable bag.

      Here are some things that are allowed:


      Lighters without fuel are permitted in checked baggage. Lighters with fuel are prohibited in checked baggage, unless they adhere to the Department of Transportation exemption, which allows up to two fueled lighters if properly enclosed in a DOT approved case.

      Non-Flammable Liquid, Gel, or Aerosol

      More than 3.4 oz./100.55 ml.

      Safety Matches

      One book of safety (non-strike anywhere) matches are permitted as carry-on items, but all matches are prohibited in checked baggage.

      Small Compressed Gas Cartridges

      Up to two in life vests andΒ two spares. The spares must accompany theΒ personal flotation deviceΒ and presented as one unit.

  35. Can i bring a hoverbored with the battery out of the bored? The battery is 158 wh.

  36. Can I bring a Kitchen Aid Mixer that is still in the box, never been opened, on the plane as is or do I need a bag to put it in? I am boarding this Thursday, so a reply as soon as possible or as convenient would be greatly appreciated.

    • You shouldn’t have any issue going through security as long as the box adheres to the carry-on dimension requirements. I would double check the box measurements (length, width, height, weight) and contact your airline, they all have slightly different policies.

  37. Can I bring a small CPAP machine along with its hose and nasal mask in my carry-on bag? I have sleep apnea. Do I need a doctor’s note? Traveling from Boston to Philadelphia.

    • Adele, yes you can. You may carry-on medicines and medically necessary equipment. Doctors notes are always a good idea to bring when traveling with them.

  38. Can I pack a air mattress including pumps in my checked luggage

    • Yes, Roberta you may check an air mattress and the pumps. Just remember that you may be charged extra fees by your airline if your luggage exceeds the weight and size restrictions.

  39. Hi traveling tomorrow on a two day business trip. I’m planning to only bringing a carry on to put my dress suit, dress shoes and under clothing. Is a clothing steamer allowed ? How many 3 oz toiletries can I bring ? Im looking at bringing 3 oz shampoo, 2 oz lotions and a sealed, pre packaged 9 piece travel kit with deodorant, shave cream, body wash, razor blade, toothpaste, tooth brush, comb, in a TSA compliant zip top bag and travel bag. ( purchased at Target). Is all of these items ok for a carry on ?

    • Ezekiel, you may bring 1 quart sized bag of creams, liquids and gels in containers that are 3.4 ounces or less. There is no specific limit to the number of containers you can put in the bag, but do not cram them in. So, the shave cream from the travel kit must be in the quart sized bag (as well as the deodorant if it is gel). Remember all of your liquids, creams and gels must be in the same bag and you may only bring 1. Clothing steamer should be fine as long as it is empty and a smaller hand steamer.

  40. Thank you for your attenation, I am an international student and I want to bring a small handmade silk carpet for my professor as souvenir from my country so could you please let me know could I bring it in my baggage?

    • As long as it fits in the appropriate sized carry on or checked luggage, it should be fine.

  41. Flying with delta, can I bring a hair curling iron in my carry on?

    • Tripods should be fine as long as they fit in under your seat or in the overhead compartment. DO NOT attempt to bring a tripod with spiked feet through security, however.

  42. Is there a limit on how many bottles if within range can be taken

  43. If I pour up my lotions,shampoo,conditioner, etc, is there a limit to how many bottles i can take, is it better to put carrying or checked luggage

    • Sheri, you are better off putting them in checked luggage. In your carry on you can carry as many as comfortably fit in a 1 quart zip top plastic bag (3 ounce or less bottles, that is).

  44. Can I carry whey protein? (Either in checked baggage or carry on) Any restriction/advice?
    I am planning to buy 2 containers of 2lbs each.
    Flying Cancun to Buenos Aires via Dallas

    • If the whey protein is powdered, it shouldn’t be an issue. The size of the containers might be though. If they don’t fit in the approved sized carry-ons, you will have to check them. You may be subject to additional screening with the protein however.

  45. I am flying to Vegas and planning to go shooting. Can I have spent casings with me for my carry-on?

  46. Can I carry-on junior size golf clubs? There have been articles written that TSA lifted golf clubs from the prohibited items in April 2013. However, golf clubs are still on the prohibited item list on the TSA website. Which is correct?

    • They are not prohibited but you can’t carry them on, you must check them. Most sporting equipment is checked bags only.

  47. I stretched my ears before and over the summer I have let them heal up. So now I have a pair of stainless steel 2g tunnels that I don’t know what to do with. I plan on stretching again so I can’t just throw them out. I was wondering if I could pack them in my carry on?

    • The tunnels shouldn’t be an issue. An agent may ask what they are and you may be subject to further screening, but you should not have a problem with them in your carry on.

  48. Can I bring cookingspray? Going to a country where it doesn’t excist, it would be good to be able to bring some.
    I have other pressurized bottles for personal hygiene products which were allowed on my way here.

  49. I have a couple pieces of PVC pipe that are part of a costume, can I put them in my checked luggage, they have at least one open end on each piece or completely open on both sides. Thanks.

    • It should be fine in checked luggage, however, it may subject your bags to enhanced screening.

  50. Hi,where should I put my taser,and is it too risky to bring it on a plane? Is it allowed in the suitcase? I want to find out before I bring it, just in case avoiding a trouble in the airport of bringing it. Thanks.

    • Bob, yes you can bring frozen perishables like blackberries on board in carry on or checked bags. If you have them backed with icepacks, the must be fully frozen – if they are slushey or partially defrosted, they must conform to the 3-1-1 liquids rule. You may pack up to 5 pounds of dry ice.

  51. This site is excellent: informative and well written. I want to take two plants in a decorative pot onboard a SWA flight from Houston Hobby to Columbus, OH. Is that allowed as a carry-on item? Thank you.

    • Yes Karen, you may bring a potted plant as long as it conforms to size restrictions. You may be subject to additional screening, however.

  52. can I bring my makeup foundation that is 3.0 but it’s in a glass container

    • Yes you can, just make sure to put it in a zip top quart bag with any other liquids.

    • E.H., Yes you are allowed 1 standard lighter (disposable or zippo type) in your carry on or on your person. Extra fuel is prohibited however. Torch lighters are never allowed.

  53. can I carry on a Milwaukee 18 volt battery drill with lithium batteries

    • Tony, power tools are checked luggage only, you may not carry them on. You may need to carry the battery on separately however.

  54. My husband and I are moving to Italy and want to hand carry our antique silverware. Is this permitted in our carry on baggage?

    Thank you!

    • Knives are a big no no in carry on luggage. You will need to check them.

  55. I have never flown before. Am I correct in that I can take full size shampoo, conditioner and bidy wash in my checked luggage? Also I have a 4 oz clear bottle of contact lens saline – if I pour out enough to make the 3.4 oz limit can I still put this bottle in my carry on?

  56. I bought some loose leaf tea that I need to drink for 14 days straight. I just started it, and I’m leaving to Canada in a week. I was wondering if I could bring it on the plane. I’m not checking a bag so it would have to go in my carry on.

    • Yes you can. Just make sure the the herbal in herbal tea is legal.

  57. Can I put a small locked safe in my checked luggage? It’s a Stalwart Model 65-E17? It’s for my son going off to college.

    • I would call your airline. You may need to declare it for inspection (it may also be subject to additional fees if it is over the weight limit).

  58. Can I bring crochet hooks in my carry-on bag? They are 5 1/2 to 6 inches long with flat and curved ends, not sharp.

    • Yes you may. You may also bring 1 pair of scissors less than 4 inches in length.

  59. Hi! In addition to a carry on suitcase and a handbag, do you know if Delta (domestic flight) will allow a passenger to carry on a small Sobakawa cloud pillow for use on the flight? (It doesn’t fit in my handbag).

    Thanks for all the helpful info!

    • I would contact your airline. They may consider that your personal item.

  60. can I put 4 walkie talkies with metal hydride batteries in checked luggage

    • Metal hydride batteries are ok in checked or carry on luggage.

  61. Hello! Can I take headsets for simultaneous translation as a carry-on? The equipment consists of two sender headsets, and as many as 25 receiver headsets (like they use at the UN). We would also normally include 3-4 backup packs of standard, single-use AA batteries. The case and weight meet carry-on requirements, but I wasn’t sure about the contents. Thanks!

  62. I have a guitar that comes apart and fits in the compartment. I also have a music stand that fits in the guitar backpack. I know the guitar is OK but not sure of the music stand?

    • If they fit in your bag and conform to the carry on size restrictions, they should be fine. However, if your stand has spiked feet or other sharp parts, you may not be able to carry it on. It would be up to the TSA agent at the security check.

  63. Can I bring shaving cream/foam in my carry on? And toothpast,bars of soap. Does everything have to be new or in its original packing?

    • You can as long as they conform to the 3-1-1 liquid rule. 3.4 ounce containers in 1 quart sized ziplock bag, 1 per person.

  64. After a stroke my doctor recommended a walking stick to aid in balance. Mine telescopes down to 29″ but will not fit in my suitcase. Can I carry this on board?

  65. Can I bring from Miami to Puerto Rico 2 or 3 packs of sodas drinks cans in checked baggage? Thank you.

    • Yes, David, gel deodorant must adhere to the 3-1-1 liquid policy.

  66. I am flying Delta very soon and have to take a medicine twice while flying with food. Will I be able to put it in a small ziploc bag? Thank you

  67. An entire category of items is not discussed — medical devices. My wife needs a nebulizer that gives breathing treatments. Is this allowed? Does she need a doctor’s prescription or order? Is there a size limit? This unit is about 9 by 9 by 6 inches. It is electric with a cord. I know you can’t cover every possible contingency, but we don’t want any surprises at a TSA checkpoint, or have to ship the device separately, or risk having it confiscated.

    • The nebulizer will be permitted. While not necessary, it is always a good idea to bring a doctor’s order or prescription with medicine or medical devices. The medication is also allowed.

  68. We are flying into Chicago Midway. Can we take our I-Pass transponder in our carry on luggage?

    • Yes, you may need to answer questions as to what it is, and may be subject to further security screenings.

  69. I want to take some cheese and bratwurst on my trip. Would it be best to put it in my checked luggage,or a carry on ?

    • I assume you mean your carry-on, so yes. But if it is a cream or gel, it must be in a 3.4 ounce container and in a ziptop quart plastic bag.

  70. Are you allowed to pack regular size personal hygiene products (lotion, tooth paste, deodorant, hair cream, etc.) in your checked bags?

    • Yes, there is no limit to those products in your checked luggage.

  71. Can I bring sunscreen sprays and bugg repel that are approximately 3.0 as a carry on? Is there a limit per person to carry on?

    • Rosie, the sunscreen and bug repellant must adhere to the 3-1-1 rule, so it must be in a 3.4 ounce or less container (not approximately 3 ounces left in a larger container). Any more than that must be checked.

  72. bringing electric razor and electric tooth brush in carry on. Is those items OK in a carry on?

  73. Hello, we would like to check a nylon covered hard sized cooler full of a sour cream based chip dip as checked luggage from pheonix to GA. Are we ok to do this and if so should we pack in dry ice, gel packs or frozen packs?

    • Eileen, you can bring it as checked luggage, I would use frozen or gel packs. If you plan to use dry ice, be advised that airlines have different policies on how much you can bring, so check with them before packing (typically less than 5 pounds).

  74. How do I pack my e cigarette? Does it have to be in a plastic bag? Will the original box it came in work?

    • Either way works, just remember if you are bringing vaping liquid than 100ml is the maximum.

    • Frozen liquid items are allowed through the checkpoint as long as they are frozen solid when presented for screening. If frozen liquid items are partially melted, slushy, or have any liquid at the bottom of the container, they must meet 3-1-1 liquids requirements which is 3.4 ounces max.

  75. Traveling Delta Airlines (2 persons)
    Each with OnePair Hiking Poles with Rubber Tips
    Telescoped = 26″
    Can we carry these on the plane with us?
    Do they need to be “packaged”/wrapped?
    Thank you.

    • No, you will be required to check them. Sports equipment that can be used like a weapon (like these walking sticks) are not allowed to be carried on.

  76. I have an INR home blood-clotting level testing machine with supplies (lancets, testing strips, and alcohol pads) and plan to travel next month. Do I need a letter from doctor stating what it is? Or is it considered to be classified like the diabetes monitoring machine as it is similar –so, I can carry on in plastic container?
    I also take chemotherapy for cancer capsules — can I ask for this medicine to not go through the scanner if I package it in a plastic bag and label it as such?

    • TSA has been these before, you should be fine. However, everything needs to go through a scanner.

    • Be sure to set everything aside and have it clearly labeled. A doctors note is not required but recommended. Medication is usually screened by X-ray; however, if a passenger does not want a medication X-rayed, he or she may ask for an inspection instead. This request must be made before any items are sent through the X-ray tunnel.

  77. Are tie dye materials okay in checked bags? My daughter wants me to bring some home from a tie dye wholesaler here in Denver. It’s all powders, no liquids, and would save on shipping fees… tia

    • As long as it isn’t liquid you should be fine to carry it on.

      • They went through my bag and took out all the powdered dyes!
        Now what?

        • That’s unfortunate, but even if an item is on the approved list, the final decision rests with TSA on whether to allow any item on an airplane. Keep in mind that certain types of explosives can come in a powdered form and could be used to create an improvised explosive device so I imagine the TSA agent considered it a safety risk.

  78. I still can’t get a clear answer….can I take a clothes iron and regular cigarettes on a plane in my carry-on? Thank you

    • Yes you can bring both on. Just don’t try to plug in the iron and light your cigarette in flight.

  79. Will my 24 hour Neuropatches (Rotigone) for Parkinsons set off the scanners. Although it does not say in the leaflet inside the package, I know that there is some aluminium in the patch.

    • If your documentation says it won’t set it off, it probably won’t. These medical devices are ok through security, just be sure to bring some documentation on what they are in case an officer asks.

  80. I will be traveling with my 3 year old soon. She is a cancer patient, and we were told to check and see if Bush offers a pre-board card so that we can get through security a little more easily. Do you all offer this, and if so, how do I go about getting it?

    • This would be handled through the airport and or airline. I’m sure that they will be happy to accommodate you and your child. Best of luck.

  81. Can I bring wet wipes (or baby wipes) in carry-on? Or are they considered a “gel?”



    • You don’t want to put raw eggs in your carry on luggage? Why not check it? You will end up with scrambled eggs without any charge. Kidding of course. Yes, you can bring eggs in carry on.

    • Ruth, eggs should be ok. However, be advised that the ultimate ruling will rest with the TSA agent on that day, so be prepared to toss them if they tell you to.

    • It’s not on the “not approved” list of items but ultimately the TSA agent will decide if you provide a safety risk. Let us know how it turns out for you.

  84. I just had 2 plastic containers of a cheese spread taken away from my luggage by a TSA agent. Why would cheese spread be illegal?

    • You had it taken away because TSA agents know that cheese spread is disgusting. Stick to quality cheese next time that is not in a liquid form.

      Real answer…was it more than 3.4 ounces? If yes there’s your answer.

  85. Can I bring 30 mil vape liquids along with my vape device as carry on?

  86. What about a micro usb that has nothing but songs flying from pit to dfw Wednesday

  87. Can a bring a regular size umbrella on board a United flight as a carry on item? The forecast for my destination is rainy for the next several days. I’m afraid to check it as it will probably be destroyed in baggage handling.

  88. Can I bring mud (half a gallon) in a checked bag? If so, how can I make sure it doesn’t look suspicious.

    • You may end up in secondary screening and in the end it will be up to the agents to determine if you can bring this.

      • Thanks for your reply. Do you have a suggestion for me to carry the mud? How about packing it in a separate shipping box and label it clearly?

  89. Can i bring silver dimes, eisenhower dollar coins, other loose coins. Ive looked online and these things are not listed anywhere. Approximately $165 in loose coins. Can i take these in my carry on bag?

  90. Can I bring a mini-tripod, such as a “Gorilla Pod” in my carry-on? Also, can I bring a mini electric fan in my carry-on? I will be traveling to eastern Europe and some of the hotel rooms don’t have A/C or fans. It’s a 4 or 5 inch fan with a U.K. plug that only works on 220 V, so I would not be able to plug it in, if asked, in the U.S.

    • Yes, you can bring a hard hat in your carry on. If you plan on dancing to “YMCA” to entertain your fellow passengers, make sure to check with the cabin crew first.

  91. I need to transport a portable sewing machine. Can I carry it on?

    • Yes, it is an approved item. Just keep in mind, it may be subject to additional screening or not allowed through the checkpoint if it triggers an alarm during the screening process, appears to have been tampered with, or poses other security concerns. The final decision rests with TSA on whether to allow any items on the plane.

  92. Hello, are prepackaged meals (ex. microwaveable beef ravioli, chicken and noodles, etc.) okay to take in carry-on luggage? These would be in a sealed container with the wrapper still on them, purchased directly from the grocery store. They don’t contain water and must be microwaved–they would be more of a solid food and not liquidy like salsa or yogurt. Please let me know as I’m not sure which category this type of meal would fall under. Thank you.

    • Yes Mrs. Scott, that would be allowed. As long as there is not more than 3.4 ounces of liquid in the package.

  93. Question: I will be traveling to Europe and need to bring my electronic blood pressure machine. It is small and doesn’t weigh much. I will carry the batteries separately.

  94. I’m planning on traveling to Australia to visit relative, can I check-in a home security wireless camera system?
    Thank you!

  95. Can I carry on rock climbing equipment? Harness, carabiners, cams, etc.?

    • Depends on the specific equipment but anything that can be used as a potential weapon you may be required to put in checked luggage.

  96. Can I bring hiking poles in carry-on luggage? We have checked them before without a problem.

  97. Just to be clear in my mind. Can I ship my Taser in my checked bag without a special case and do I need to pull the battery?

    • You may put a taser or stun gun in checked luggage. I would pull the battery just in case.

  98. Are stitchery needles or crochet hooks allowed in carry on baggage? What about small scissors with blades less than two inches long?

    • All of those stitching accessories are allowed. Scissors under 4 inches are allowed.

  99. Am I allowed to transport a tollway pass transponder, either in checked luggage or carry-on?

    • There should not be any problem with a tollway pass transponder.

  100. I need to travel with a tens unit and wear pain patches. are either of these a problem?

    • Margaret, you should be fine, just be sure to let the screener know you have a medical device and or medication.

  101. My family has severe food allergies so we always prepare our own food for trips. 7 years ago we were allowed to take a soft sided cooler with homemade, FROZEN meals (stews, spaghetti, pulled pork etc) from California to Maui. Is this still permitted by TSA or did we just get lucky with the screener back then.

    • Frozen items are allowed, as long as they stay frozen. You are allowed to use dry ice or ice/gel packs. If you have them backed with icepacks, the must be fully frozen – if they are slushey or partially defrosted, they must conform to the 3-1-1 liquids rule. You may pack up to 5 pounds of dry ice.

  102. Should prescription pills (digestible capsules) be packed in a carry-on bag or a checked bag? As for non-prescription medications (non-liquid), can they be packed in a checked bag? How many clear, quart sized zip-loc bags for personal use be packed in a checked bag?

    • You can bring your medications on in your carry-on or checked luggage. Medication in liquid form is allowed in carry-on bags in excess of 3.4 ounces in reasonable quantities for the flight. It is not necessary to place medically required liquids in a zip-top bag. However, you must tell the officer that you have medically necessary liquids at the start of the screening checkpoint process. Medically required liquids will be subjected to additional screening that could include being asked to open the container.

  103. Can I bring sugar cubes for my tea? A Swiss card (scissors, a little knife, nail filer, etc.)

    • Sugar cubes are fine, however knives of any length are not permitted.

  104. I have 2 Hydro Flash water containers (made of Stainless-steel, double-wall vacuum construction) if they’re empty will I be able to put them on my carry on?

  105. I’m a type one diabetic and wear an insulin pump. I’m flying delta from atlant to Oklahoma . Will I be required to remove my pump while going through the scanner. Is it safe or not to put your pump through the scanner

    • Insalin pumps are allowed through security. It should be safe to run through the scanner, but you can request a hand check for you pump.

  106. Hi, I will be checking in a box of frozen breast milk with dry-ice on my International flight with United. Can I check, besides frozen breast milk, can I also pack in other perishables like chocolates to fill up the empty spaces? Or can it only solely contain the FBM only? Thanks!

    • If you are checking it, you absolutely may put other perishables in it.

  107. If I were to make a custom desktop computer or pc. Would I be allowed to bring it through if it is small enough.

  108. I would like to carryon, in a cooler, a shrink wrapped package of spareribs, store packaged english muffins and store wrapped block of cheese. Are these items permitted?

  109. can I bring ladies gel shaving crème in carry on, also what about vitamins etc do I have to take the bottles (they are big) or could I put them in a plastic bag..

    • Vitamins, provided they are not liquid, should be fine. You can bring shaving cream, but it must conform to the 3-1-1 liquids rule.

  110. Ice packs taken /ceased. Made Of gel, and NOT frozen. WHAT?
    Torn rotator cuff I explained .
    They were even wrapped with Ace wraps around ice pack..

    • Sue, I’m sorry to hear about that, but all ice packs and gels must be in a frozen state to pass through security. Any unfrozen liquids or gels will not be allowed through.

  111. Can you bring a travel sized make up mirror in your carry on bag?

  112. Can place an antique clock into my checked bag? I have wrapped the “dinger” so it won’t strike in flight.

    • You can bring a clock, it may be flagged for additional screening, however, and there is no guarantee it will not be damaged in transit.

    • I would recommend that you leave them in the original bottles or bring documentation for them.

    • No. I am not about to bring all my individual pill bottles. I separate them out into their weekly dispenser, just like I do at home, and carry that in my purse (not my carry-on bag, my personal handbag). Never had a problem in 100s of flights since 2001.

  113. As a previous Delta airlines employee, am I allowed to carry handcuffs and bange on the A/C? I am now a corrections offer. Almost 15 years with Delta and 24 years in law enforcement. I am planning to go to at least one B-767 Captains retirement in a year or so to Atanta.

    • Handcuffs are allowed through security. I’m not sure what you mean by the rest of the comment however.

  114. We are going away for a week. Are we able to bring a full size can of suntan lotion in our carry on?

    • No. No matter the length of your trip, full-sized bottles of any liquid are prohibited. You’ll need to place them in your checked bag

  115. Can I bring a small personal sized electric blender on spirit airlines?

    • Spirit charges for everything you bring on the plane, but if it fits in your carry-on bag it should be fine. I would check with Spirit directly.

  116. On 10th of October we are travelling from the Netherlands via Philadelphia to Denver.
    I am on a diet. Is it allowed to put in your suitcase the shake from Herbalife and my supplement with vitamin C, green tea and yerba matΓ©?
    My husband wants to take his drone on vacation (type DJI Phantom 2 Vision plus). He has a special case for it. For the batteries he will use also special bags so called lipo bags. Is it allowed to take the drone on the plane as carry-on luggage?
    Thank you in advance for your reply.

    • If the shake is liquid and you plan to bring it as a carry-on, it must meet the 3-1-1 liquids rule. Otherwise, it should be fine in checked baggage. For the drone, the LiPo batteries MUST be carried on, they can not be placed in checked luggage. You can bring the drone in it’s case provided that it adheres to the carry-on baggage requirements.

      • Can i bring Ion semi permanent creme hair dye in my carry on? It is 2.05oz

        • It shouldn’t be a problem Krystal. Just make sure to have it in a ziptop plastic bag.

  117. Hi..I never flew..this is my first time. .I’m nervous about do and don’t. .how many pieces of luggage can I bring, can I put my clothing inside a vacuum bag all sealed up, I have a gift in the original box it’s men cologne 4.2 Oz and I smoke cigarettes how many loose packs can I bring and use lighters and do my deodorant,toothpaste, and mouthwash has to be in a quart bag

    • Renee, you’ll have to do the research based on your airline for luggage limits. The Cologne will have to be checked as it exceeds the 3-1-1 limit. Yes, all those toiletries must be in a ziptop quart bag and adhere to the 3-1-1 rule. You may bring 1 lighter on (do not check any).

  118. My husband has sleep apnea. Does his bipap machine count as one of his carryons?

    • Under the Americans with Disabilities Act, a CPAP machine is not considered carry-on luggage and does not count toward your carry-on quota.

  119. We fly out tomorrow morning. So please answer my qustion tonight re: whether the bipap machine is considered one of his carryons. Thank you.

    • Under the Americans with Disabilities Act, a CPAP (of BiPap) machine is not considered carry-on luggage and does not count toward your carry-on quota.

  120. Can I carry on a compact camp chair? The dimensions are 14 Γ— 6 Γ— 4 inches and it easily fits in my carry-on backpack. The aluminum poles have no sharp edges and the feet have a rounded plastic tip.

  121. I’m i able to take children and adult Tylenol in my carry on or my personal bag? Can a backpack be my personal bag? I’m flying Southwest Airlines

  122. Can I check a ceiling fan motor or a chandelier if they meet size and weight requirements?

    • You should be fine Ralph, however, keep in mind the final decision rests with the TSA crew that day.

  123. Flying from POS Trinidad to Ft Lauderdale, can I bring nail guns in my checked bag? They use a compressor ( not coming)to operate, no fuel cells.

  124. My husband and I take Metamucil (powdered, 30.4 ounce container) – is an open container allowed in carry on?

    • Yes Shanta, a fabric steamer is allowed in carry-on or checked luggage as long as there is no liquid inside.

  125. Can I carry a pillow in my check in luggage? Approx dimensions 20in (L) x 12in (W) x 2in (H)

  126. How about film. It cant be xrayed. how would i explain this to agents

    • Film is allowed but must be carried on. If you are transporting high speed (800 ISO and higher) or specialty film, you may request to have it physically inspected when presented at the screening checkpoint instead of undergoing x-ray screening. You may also request that all of your undeveloped film be physically inspected instead of undergoing x-ray, particularly if your film has or may be screened by x-ray more than five times. To facilitate physical inspection, remove your undeveloped film from the canister and pack it in a clear plastic bag. We recommend leaving your film in the unopened manufacturer’s packaging.

  127. I am traveling alone with my 3 year and am wondering if I can bring a collapsible wagon to help carry him and his car seat? It folds down to 6 inches wide and I was going to gate check it not carry it on board. TIA

    • I would imagine they would treat that just like a stroller. I would contact your airline to make sure they allow it to be gate checked, but you will have no issues going through security.

  128. Can I check my glass torch for my artwork? There is no gas, just the torch.

    • You should be able to check it. Just make sure there is no gas, and your bag may be subject to increased scrutiny.

  129. Can I take one canister of powdered folders’s 16oz (1lb)

    • Yes Matthew, just don’t try and smoke them on the plane πŸ™‚

  130. Can I take one canister of powdered folders’s 16oz (1lb).also can I take 1 bottle of aerosol hairspray..its7 oz? Also hair gel that is a cream an its5.9fl.oz. I’m flying delta

    • Teri, you can bring all those things, just not in your carry-on luggage. The powdered cappuccino should be fine, but all the other things are in too large quantity to be carried on and must be checked.

  131. N I will be leaving Saturday nite,so if u can respond asap,I would really appreciate it. I’ve never flown before so I’m a Lil nervous. Thank you so much..teri

  132. Can a bring a Dermawand electric radio frequency facial device in my carry-on bag?

  133. Hi, my name is Janet.Iam flying on Delta ,and leaving Saturday afternoon. I would like to know if I can bring a 12 pk cans of Gingerale?If you can respond…ASAP, I would really appreciate it. Thank you!

  134. Can I bring night time cold and flu relief, 48 soft gels, liquid filled capsules?This is an unopened box.

  135. Can I bring an aerosol can of cornstarch to iron clothes? 20oz heavy starch. Its a used bottle.Can I carry a purse ? Can I bring Aveno lotion ? this is an 18oz bottle of Aveno. I would like to take my travel sz travel cup for coffee. Is that allowed?

    • No on the aerosol, yes on the purse, no on the lotion, yes on the cup if it is empty.

  136. Can i bring an air mattress with built in air pump on AA as a carry on? it’s a twins size but heavy.

  137. May I bring an open roll of aluminum foil in my carry on?

  138. One more question… I have a Polaroid portable phone charger (battery pack). The specs on it say: Capacity 6000mAh; Input DC 5V 800mA; Output 1: DC 5V 1000mA; Output 2: DC 5V 2000mA. Can I bring this in my carry on?

  139. Hi, I have a standard size set of Remmington brand hair clippers like you might see a barber using to cut hair. Am I allowed to bring these clippers on board the plane in my carry on bag?

  140. I need to bring fondant and tools to decorate a cake. Can that be packed in the original container (2lbs) in my checked bag? Can I carry already made fondant flowers in my carry on bag? Atlanta to San Antonio.

  141. Can you carry a tiny file, with sissers and knife 1 inch long by 1/4 ” wide. It’s a keychain nail set. I usually keep it in my makeup case. I use to carry a tiny 2.5 centimeter knife in my purse carry on for years then last time they took it. I thought the rule had changed if it was small. I travel a lot and use this item a lot. Thanks for any input..

    • Scissors under 4 inches are allowed, but knives of any kind are not.

  142. Is a small electric air (not gas) compressor with the pressure valve in the open position allowed?

    • It’s allowed in checked luggage if it is in the open position (again no gas compressors allowed). However, it may be easily broken, so the risk is up to you.

  143. Can a person carry on a backpack with an internal delrin “U” frame through security?

  144. Can a person carry on a backpack with an internal “U”, 1/4″ diameter, shaped frame made of Delrin material on International flights?

  145. A friend of mine wants 4 electronic sonic noise emitters (repels dogs supposedly and want to keep one for himself and sell the others), Would I be able to bring them on my carry on bag with no batteries?

    • As long as they are not in use during the flight, I don’t see any regulations against them. However, if they look suspicious the individual TSA agent has the final say.

  146. Can I bring a 42 inch poster in a tube on board and check with pink tag?

    • This may be too large for a carry-on. Contact your individual airline, this is less of an airport security issue.

  147. I am Traveling with Southwest Air, can I place a chrome book in my carry-on? I will also be bringing an iPad along in a personal item bag is that ok?

    • Yes, those devices are allowed on the plane. You will be required to power the chrome book on through security.

  148. I have more than 1 personal item, such as laptop and nikon camera with their cases plus a backpack and the carry on suitcase. Do I need to stuff it all (laptop and nikon) into the backpack? It won’t fit

    • Typically airlines are likely to be lax on this, but they – in theory – could charge you or require you to check you backpack or your other carry-on (especially if the plane is very full and you are running late).

  149. Traveling from US to the UK. is a power converter allowed in carry on or checked.

    • You have to take them out during the security check and power them on. Make sure they have some juice.

  150. does anyone know if i canbring my home oxygen concentrator on board in my carry on.

    • Only certain models are allowed and you may be required to give at least 2 days advanced notice to your airline. Contact them about it asap.

    • Shampoo must be in 3.4 ounce bottles or less. Aerosol hairspray and mousse are exempt from the aerosol ban and should be allowed. Just don’t bring a whole bag full.

  151. Flying American Airlines ina day or so. I have a combo of walking sticks and tripods in a bag. Virgin, Alaskan,Olympic and british Airways always let me bring teh bag as a carry on as “medical device”.Been on hold with American Airlines for 2 hours and 40 minutes. The prompt that says..”tap any digit and we will call you back…isn’t working”. I cannot get an answer to whether if needs must-I can check a rolling duffle with these longer items. Plus I have NO seta assigment for my second lfight of 3. Never flwon American…not feeling too happy about it! Thanks for any and all advice! Lizzy

    • That sounds frustrating Lizzy. Odds are, if you have been able to carry them on before, you should be fine. Since they are medical devices, they should be allowed through security. If you don’t mind checking the bag, it may save you some stress. I wish I could help you with your seat assignments but that is up to AA. Good Luck.

  152. Can I take and use a bone-growth stimulator for my post-operative back?

    • You should be fine bringing a medical device like this, provided it is not huge. I would call your airline to double check.

  153. Can I bring my favorite cereal in my suitcase? In my carry-on bag? Thanks!

    • Yes, but leave the milk at home (or buy it after security check).

  154. I’m going to be taking a glass bead class this winter and will need to bring my tools with me. I’m bringing hemostats, mandrels, and of course glass rods in plastic tubes. Will I have any problems with bringing any of that with me?

    • Addiea, if any of your tools are over 7 inches in length, they must be checked and will NOT be allowed in carry-on luggage.

  155. I will be traveling to Asia for one month. Can I bring 8oz shampoo?

  156. I am going to a conference in DC and have to hang a poster. Can I carry on a pack of push pins.

  157. My husband is taking flor-essence herbal tea which is controlling his prostate cancer. Can he bring a litre of it in a glass bottle either in his carry-on or well-wrapped and insulated in his checked luggage?

    • If you have a doctor’s note or prescription for the tea you may be able to carry it on, otherwise you’ll have to check it.

  158. I home can pickles, relish & jams. If the jars are packaged in leak proof containers & bubble wrapped can I put these into my checked baggage?

  159. Can I take GPS & car chargers for it & other phones in carry on bags? How about apples or vegetables? Thank you

    • All of those should be fine. Several phones in one bag may flag you for secondary screening, but should be allowed.

  160. Can I carry my tsa bag and my makeup bag in my personal item and not my carry on suitcase?

  161. I have a heart pacemaker, I know I need to show the id card, do I need anything else?Also traveling with 6 and 8 year old, can they bring their backpack with their kindle and tablet? What about crayons and books?

    • All of those items are allowed in carry-on luggage, Darlene. Nothing else for pacemaker.

  162. Can I bring three one-pound boxes of wrapped chocolates in my carry-on?

  163. Can we carry on a T.E.N.S. unit?? Electronic device that helps with chronic pain control.

    • Yes, Cindy. They are specifically mentioned by the TSA as allowed. However, they are not an everyday item so expect a certain level of confusion/delay until it’s worked out. Shouldn’t be long, but may take a few minutes.

  164. Can I put in checked luggage a 1 or 2 liter bottle of diet tonic? Where we are going does not have DIET!

    • In checked luggage, yes. Just be sure to have it contained in a leakproof bag.

    • Yes, unless they are massive ankle weights. Either bag should be fine.

  165. Can I bring several (10) 7oz containers of a non-liquid salt/ spice blend (steak rub) in my carry on luggage?

  166. Can I pack a hairdryer in my carry one luggage? Also what about mascara and face makeup? Thanks in advance πŸ™‚

    • All of these items are allowed. Makeup is excluded from the 3-1-1 rule, unless you plan to bring an abnormally large amount.

  167. I’d like to bring a Blendtec Connoisseur 825 Commercial Blender that weighs 10kg from the United Kingdom to Jamaica in the Caribbean, can I take it in my carry on hand luggage and store in an overhead compartment or will I have to check this in? I’m flying with British Airways.

    I fly on the 10th October 2016 so would very much appreciate a response.

    • Elaine, the blender will be allowed in checked luggage, you will not be able to bring it onboard.

    • As long as there is no liquid in it and it conforms to the carry-on size policy of your airline.

  168. is play-doh in.1oz containers allowed on board or underneth

  169. I have 6 custom mugs in Styrofoam boxes, packed in a cardboard box that fit in a suitcase. I would like to check the suitcase with the box etal. (most secure for the mugs). Will the box/Styrofoam be an issue in a checked bag?

  170. Thank you for the helpful tips! on In the carry on I am assuming is ok, Hair dryer and straightener correct?
    Also can: Lipstick/chopstick, solid deodorant and disposable razors not be in the quart sized bag? or does any of those apply.


    • All of those items are allowed and do not require any special packing.

    • They should be allowed, but be sure they don’t have any sharp or spiked ends.

  171. We manufacture a dry bilge vacuum system for boats. It has a small hollow PVC collection chamber along with a PLC inside a common plastic box that is screwed closed with a lid. What this might look like when going through X-ray I have no clue. We plan on taking several copies with us on a flight to the next boat show and plan it for checked luggage or a checked box. No batteries or built in power supply so they can’t be operated unless 12 volt DC power is applied from an external source. Should I have any concerns with checking these items?

    • You shouldn’t have any issues with checking those items from a security standpoint, but I would contact your airline just in case.

  172. I’ll be flying out Monday, can I carry on 2.5 fl oz of hand gel and 3.4 fl oz hand lotion?

    • Unfortunately, no Shamika. These items must adhere to the 3-1-1 rule.

  173. Do I have to put my daily contact lenses in the quart size bag? Or can I just pack them in my carry on?

    • Your daily lenses should be fine. If you bring a bottle of solution, check it or invest in travel sizes.

  174. 1. Can I pack an electric wax candle warmer for fragrance in my checked bag luggage for under the plane? (It is a not a plug in socket warmer, but more like a small crockpot type of candle warmer)
    2. Can I pack a travel book safe with lock in my checked bag luggage for under the plane?

  175. Can i bring two jars of jelly and two 10oz bottles of cooking sauce in my checked luggage?

  176. Hi I have severe back issues and require a toileting aid device. Made of plastic. About 12 inches long and angled approx 90 deg at midpoint. It’s made by Maddak, inc. Do you think this would be allowed through in carry on? It’s only a 36-40 hr round trip so was trying to avoid checked bags. Thanks for your help.

    • You will be able to. I don’t think it would be an issue anyway, but the TSA allows most medically necessary devices.

  177. I am flying with Southwest tomorrow, and I have 3 small pins (two are 1″ circle pins, and one is a breast cancer ribbon held on with a safety pin that is 1″ in length) on my backpack that I am using as a carry on. Can I leave these on my backpack, or should I leave them at home?

  178. May I bring a blood pressure monitor in my carry on luggage?

  179. Dear tsa,
    Can I bring 2 two pound of cheeses in a checked in luggage and one electricity foot massager 11x9x4 with the original box for carry-on.
    Thank you!

  180. I’m considering buying an aluminum carry on to carry my professional camera equipment and lenses. Can this go through the x-ray machine OK?

    • If the bag blocks the scan, it will trigger a manual check, which, if you have camera equipment will likely happen anyway.

  181. I have ham radio equipment that will fit in a carry on case. Is there any problem with taking as carry on, and anything special i should do.

  182. I have a prescription tube of ointmemt, 120 grams, about the size of a tube of toothpaste. Can I put in my carry on? How about my 3.4 ounce of secret solid deodorant?

  183. Can l bring frozen food that is properly wrapped in my carry-on if my flight is only 2 hours long on United Airlines?

  184. I’m going across state for a while, I don’t really know much about flying. I want to take my hair straightener and make up, but they’re all more than 4 oz. What exactly can I all take?

    • Make up is typically exempt from the 3-1-1 rule. Straightener is fine, depending upon what you are bringing you may or may not be able to carry them on in more than 3 ounce quantities.

    • It depends on the size. I wouldn’t try wearing it through security.

  185. My son wants me to bring his X-box to him, it has it’s own back back that contains the wire connections, controllers, remote camera. Can I carry the unit onto a plane for a cross country flight

    • I would carry it on. You may be subject to additional screening and they may ask you to plug it in and prove that it powers on.

  186. How about a small collapsible, metal music stand? I’m a traveling cellist

    • Unless it has spiked feet, it should be fine to bring as long as it meets the size requirements.