How To Get TSA PreCheck and Global Entry: Costs and Application Process

Last updated: August 16, 2017
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Imagine a world where you don’t have to feel like you’re taking off half of your clothes just to stand in a full-body scanner. A world in which you can keep everything in your bag, where you can arrive to the airport later than usual and still be early. It may sound too good to be true, but TSA PreCheck and Global Entry makes this possible. And it’s a world that one in four people don’t even know about.

What Is TSA PreCheck and Global Entry?

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TSA PreCheck and Global Entry are both Department of Homeland Security (DHS) Trusted Traveler Programs. TSA PreCheck is only for flights between U.S. airports, and Global Entry is used for international travel. These programs are perfect for the jetset or the frequent business traveler. It’s an expedited security screening with loose requirements so that you can get to your gate quickly. Only low-risk flyers can qualify for this, and the process is rigorous.

Foreign citizens can qualify for Global Entry, which allows them to go through PreCheck. Family members 12 and under can go with you through the PreCheck line, however, there is no age restriction to apply; family members 13 and up can be approved for the program.

How Do You Qualify?

First you must submit an application. There is a non-refundable fee for this application; $85 for PreCheck, $100 for Global Entry. The fee for both programs is good for five years, and most would tell you to spend the extra $15 and get the Global Entry pass. Even if you only travel abroad once every year or two, it ends up paying for itself in saved time going through security and customs, and it can be used at airports that only have the PreCheck option.
After the application is submitted, it usually takes the TSA only 2-3 weeks to get back to you. Once they do, you will have to schedule an in-person interview. You’ll need to bring your passport and driver’s license, and be prepared to answer any questions they may have. They’ll check your criminal history (if you have one, which would disqualify you from being accepted) as well as your driving record, and if approved will have to get your fingerprints scanned, as this will be used at the PreCheck kiosks in the airports.

Global Entry Requirements

Cost: $100

Who is Eligible for Global Entry?

  • U.S. Citizens
  • Lawful U.S. Permanent Residents
  • Canadian Citizens (through the NEXUS program)
  • Citizens of the United Kingdom
  • Mexican Nationals
  • German Citizens
  • Citizens of the Netherlands
  • Citizens of South Korea
  • Citizens of Panama

How to Apply for Global Entry

  • Create an account on the Global Online Enrollment System Website (GOES) – each applicant (regardless of age – even your children) must have their own GOES account.
  • Login to GOES account, complete the Global Entry application, and pay the nonrefundable $100 application fee.
  • Customs and Border Patrol will review and (hopefully) conditionally approve your application.  
  • Each applicant will then schedule an interview at a Global Entry Enrollment Center (again, even children must have their own interview)

Required Documents:  Valid Passport AND 1 other form of government ID (Driver’s License, I.D. card, or Permanent Resident Card)

TSA PreCheck Requirements

Cost: $85

Who is Eligible for TSA PreCheck?

  • U.S. Citizens
  • U.S. Nationals
  • Permanent Residents

How To Apply for TSA PreCheck

  1. Complete the TSA PreCheck application, online or at an application center.
  2. Schedule an appointment, online or by calling (855) 347-8371
  3. Visit an application center with the required documents and provide fingerprints, pay the $85 application fee.
  4. You may check the status of your TSA PreCheck Application here

Required Documents:  Valid Passport OR other form of government ID (Driver’s License, I.D. card, or Permanent Resident Card) AND birth certificate.

What Will Disqualify You From the PreCheck or Global Entry Program?

  • Incomplete or false application information.
  • Violations of transportation security regulations.
  • Certain criminal offenses and factors.
  • Prior violation of any customs, immigration or agriculture regulations or laws in any country
  • Are the subject of an ongoing investigation by any federal, state or local law enforcement agency
  • Are inadmissible to the United States under immigration regulation, including applicants with approved waivers of inadmissibility or parole documentation; or
  • Cannot satisfy CBP or DHS of your low-risk status.

What Are the Benefits of DHS Trusted Traveler Programs?

If your main airport is one of the busier ones, or if you travel a lot, then these programs are worth the membership costs. The benefits are numerous and make getting through the airport hassle and stress-free.

  • There is a separate security line for TSA PreCheck and Global Entry, typically shorter and faster moving than the general security line.
  • You get to hang on to all of your belongings. There’s no conveyor belts, no taking out your laptop, no taking off your belt and shoes. You don’t have to remember which pocket your dopp kit is in, as you don’t need to remove any of your liquids. Basically, you don’t have to worry about accidentally leaving something behind.
  • There’s no body scans, and there are no pat-downs. Going through security is an absolute breeze, and you can avoid the long lines with all the other travelers.
  • Not having to bother with emptying your bag and body scans, this obviously means you will save a lot of time. When traveling internationally, you can just use self-operated kiosks rather than have to wait in line for an agent, and lines for dropping off bags to be checked are much shorter.

However, PreCheck is only available for select air lines.  What airlines offer TSA PreCheck?

  • Alaska Airlines
  • American Airlines
  • Air Canada
  • Allegiant Airlines
  • Delta Airlines
  • Hawaiian Airlines
  • JetBlue Airways
  • Southwest Airlines
  • United Airlines
  • OneJet
  • WestJet
  • Sun Country
  • Virgin Americas

How Can You Get the Most Out of PreCheck and Global Entry?

The first thing to remember, which a lot of people fail to do, is put down your Known Traveler ID when booking your flight. The main reason for this is so that you can avoid randomly ending up in the normal security line. Now that more people are signing up for PreCheck, some airports have discontinued letting random people into the express line, but the KTID is how the TSA will identify you as a PreCheck member, so you can always go through the expedited security.

If approved for Global Entry, you’ll be given a physical card, but this isn’t all you will need. Your passport is still necessary for all international travel, and is needed when using the kiosks. Be sure to declare everything you may have brought with you from another country. When using these kiosks, your photo will be taken, there are a few questions to answer and you’ll need to scan your passport, but all of this takes far less time when done electronically as opposed to waiting in line for an agent.

PreCheck is available at 150 airports across the country, with Global Entry available at most major hubs around the world. More are likely to be added if the program keeps increasing in popularity.


  1. “Imagine a world where you don’t have to feel like you’re taking off half of your clothes just to stand in a full-body scanner. A world in which you can keep everything in your bag, where you can arrive to the airport later than usual and still be early.”

    Easy, simply imagine boarding a plane before 2001.

    I’m not saying our society is dystopian by any means, I’m just saying one is forced into paying for the operating costs of the TSA through the DHS with the threat of fines or imprisonment via federal income tax, and then slapped with a $2.50 per passenger fee added to one’s airline ticket. Some of the goals of terrorism are to instill fear and make the free world less free. Seems to me like it’s working and ya’ll are out here like “take more of my money to provide me less security.”

    I watched my history teacher burst into tears in 3rd period, and stammer out that her uncle was in one of those towers, later I watched smoke plumes billow endlessly from ground zero on my bus ride home from my NJ high school that sad day in 2001. I joined up and went to Guantanamo Bay and Afghanistan because I felt I had freedom to defend. Trust me, I understand you want to save your time and feel free, but I hope you also understand what you’re buying into is ethically questionable at best, and I for one, think this pre-check shouldn’t exist, period.

    We know the people who look nothing like potential terrorists are always the ones getting “randomly” selected for the Secondary Security Screening Selection. The 75 year old lady, the college sorority girl, and the 19 year old who might as well be wearing his camouflage uniform because he walks with his chest out, has the tightest fade $9 can buy, and you can see his dog tag chain on his neck. Yet we insist on trusting the TSA, sewn from the same silk as the administrations that keep drugs and sex trafficking victims from crossing into our country, the same silk that gave Bradley (now Chelsea) Manning a TS clearance, and commissioned Major Nidal Hasan. We now trust them to vet “low risk Joe Schmo” who didn’t have a record before his psychotic break, but can now get through security wearing det cord underwear with a blasting cap tucked behind his belt buckle. This is a dangerous program designed to benefit the privileged at the expense of everyone’s safety. Just my .02

    Can my service dog qualify for Pre-Check Mr. TSATip?

  2. is there a price differential if TSA pre check has been purchased to upgrade to Global entry?

  3. When I go to the scheduled appointment for the TSA Pre check status do I need my original Birth Certificate or will a copy do?

  4. So if i understand the above statement all I need is a global entry, even if never go out of the country

    • Global Entry includes all the benefits of TSA Pre. If choosing between the two, go Global Entry.

  5. Does TSA fave any Family plans for the pre check and Global?

    • There are no family plans, however TSA PreCheck does cover young children. Family members ages 12 and under traveling with an eligible parent or guardian with a TSA Pre✓® indicator on their boarding pass can participate in expedited screening….Family members 13 and older must go through standard security lanes or should apply for a DHS trusted traveler program. For Global Entry, all persons must have their own trusted traveler number.

  6. I have been trying to down load the GLOBAL ENTRY application forms from a public Library computer,but the system does not allow.Where do I go to? I have been doing all official documents from the library computer and never experienced this.Please advice.

    • I cannot speak to the specifics or performance of the machine you are using. You may have to visit an application center.

  7. Rather than have stationary locations that are several hour drives away from potential enrollees, why not add a few teams that travel to different airports to hold the in-person interviews. It doesn’t make sense to give up an entire day of driving, to save 15 minutes in a check-in line, but I’d be willing to drive the hour to my local airport.

  8. just wanted to confirm that i understand correctly. If i go for the Global and pay the $100 fee, and am accepted, i can then use the Global Entry Pass for BOTH domestic and international.

    • You will use the Global entry internationally and the TSA Precheck domestically. Both are included in Global Entry!

  9. I paid the TSA fee and then had my appointment with Global Entry. The clerk who interviewed me told me that I could have combined the fees into $100. My wife just called TSA and asked bout whether she can apply for both and pay only $100 and TSA said “No.”

    Also, is there any way to save or get a discount on the fee? Am Ex? Or some airlines?

    What’s the story? Can the fees be combined somehow? Need advice.

    • Once you pay the TSA fee, it is non refundable. So, in order to get both for one fee, you must go with Global Entry first (and only). AMEX does have cards that reimburse you for Global Entry fees. Unfortunately, the annual fee on these cards are upwards of 500 dollars. But it may be worth it to you. Also, AMEX waives the fee for certain military members, so if you are a service man that could be an option.

  10. Hello,

    Is Chinese Citizen qualify to apply for the TSA PreCheck? I have the H1B work visa.

    • If you are a permanent resident you can get TSA PreCheck. Otherwise, Chinese nationals are not eligible for Global Entry.

  11. If I apply on-site at an airport, how soon after that am I able to use my pre-check? Is there still the waiting period associated with online application? Thanks.

    • Karl, there is still a processing period, no matter where you apply.

  12. I have 2 CCs that will reimburse both TSA PreCheck and Global Entry. Can I apply to both? Is there any benefit? As there is no cost for me.

  13. I have an artificial knee and a pin in my hip. Will this impact my getting and using GLOBAL ENTRY WITH PRE CHECK. Thank you,
    Rob Kaiser

  14. I have an artificial knee which sets off the metal detector. Am I eligible for TSA pre-check?

  15. I am a British Citizen, with a newly acquired Green Card. I travel a fair amount nationally and a few times internationally to make Global Entry worth it. Questions : 1. Will I automatically get TSA Pre or am I only “eligible” if I get Global Entry? i.e. will I have to do anything else to get it when flying internally? 2. What happens when my Passport expires before the GE does? Ditto if my GC needs renewal before the GE expires, let’s say? 3. Is it one application per family or per individual? 4. My kids are 16 and 17 right now, will they need one each separately? 5. Last question, I do not have a US driving license, is it compulsory to have one before applying? That is what the article suggests. I do have a British one. Thanks

    • Global Entry comes with TSA Pre check benefits. If your passport or green card expires, you will need to renew them, your Global Entry will not be affected. The application is per individual. You do not need a US driver’s license.

  16. I am a US citizen. Do I need to get both the precheck and the Global Entry? Or is the Global Entry good for US domestic travel as well?

  17. My husband is retired Army and we both have military ID Cards, do we qualify for any discount for the Global Entry program?

    • Unfortunately not, but certain credit cards do reimburse you for the fee AND waive the card fee for military.

  18. My wife and I just applied for the TSA precheck and should have asked for the Global Entry, because of flying internationally. Can our application be change to Global Entry, and if so, how? Would we need to reapply and pay an additional $100 each or just $15 each to upgrade?

    • While Global Entry includes TSA benefits, they are separate programs at separate agencies. Unfortunately, you will have to apply separately and pay the separate fee.

  19. My passport only uses first and last name and my driver license used first, maiden and last name. My airline tickets are same as driver license so do I answer that docs do match? I am applying for pre check only and don’t have the enhanced DL. My birth cert is maiden name of course

  20. Do we beed cash, check or can a credit card work?

  21. I am an Indian Citizen but a resident of United States. I do business travel every week and wanted to apply for either the TSA pre or Global entry. Do I qualify for either of them?

    • If you are a lawful permanent U.S. Resident, you are eligible, otherwise, at this time Indian nationals are not eligible.

  22. Does British Airways accept global entry at Heathrow in London airport?

  23. In your article you mentioned Driving record… Will a DUI disqualify someone from Global entry approval? (the DUI that occurred 3 years ago, was reduced to a wet reckless driving charge and has since been expunged). I guess im asking if they are stringent in their review and approval process when it comes to driving record. No criminal record.
    Also could you clarify that if you apply for global entry there is no need to set up an appointment with TSA as the global entry will grant the you very same benefits as the TSA pre check.
    Also just curious what the renewal process is like once your card expires after 5 years.
    Thank you for your article, very insightful and informative. Same for the comments.

    • If it still shows on your record, it may very well affect your approval. Yes, if you are approved for Global Entry, you will also receive TSA pre check benefits. Renewal is simple and done through the GOES system. You simple confirm your information, enter the countries you have visited, pay the fee and should be approved in a matter of weeks. You can do it early with not penalty, it simple starts when your current membership expires.

  24. We are planning a trip with the departure date on 10/7/16 – three weeks from today. Is there any way to expedite the TSA pre-screen approval process so that we could avoid the long lines on this trip?

    • Unfortunately, you are at the mercy of the queue. You may try Global entry to see if they have a quicker turnaround time. Good Luck.

  25. I completed the pre-enrollment online and was issued a Universal Enroll ID number. But I missed the 120-day window to complete the enrollment. Now the pre-enrollment online tool won’t let me start the process over because I’m already in the system. What do I need to do?

    • (866) 289-9673 This is the support number for the TSA, try giving them a call.

  26. My wife and I have made appointments to do the TSA Precheck interview, but I just recently learned about the Global Entry program and was wondering if perhaps we should enroll in that instead. We often do international travel and would like the added benefits. It looks like the Global Entry program includes the TSA Precheck benefits, so it would be sensible to pay the extra $15 and get that. However, we have two children under the age of 6 and it looks like we’d have to pay the $100 for each of them for Global Entry but we wouldn’t have to pay extra for them under TSA Precheck because they’d be traveling with us. Is that true? $400 total for Global Entry with the kids, but only $170 for TSA Precheck? We plan on traveling internationally at the end of December for re-entry to US in early January so I think we’d have time to get Global Entry if that makes the most sense.

    • Eric, children under 12 may are extended the benefits of TSA precheck if their accompanying adult is approved. So, you would save money with just TSA precheck, but you would not get the Global Entry perks. If you travel internationally often, the benefits may outweigh the extra $220.

  27. I’ve submitted the online application for TSA precheck, and my interview is scheduled – but have NOT gone yet or paid the fee. Can I just cancel my TSA precheck interview and re-apply for Global Entry? I’m traveling to France on October 19th.

    • You can try but you are pushing the limits if your flight is in 7 weeks. The application process for Global Entry takes 4-6 weeks, then if you get approved you would need to schedule the in person interview.

  28. TSATips, my husband & I live in Tallahassee, FL. We are scheduled to fly to Berlin from Miami on 9/29/16, returning from Milan 10/14/16. If we apply for Global Entry today, is it possible to have our appt. & receive our KTN in Miami before we board for Berlin? Meaning, can they just give us the number to use when we return to the states, or do we have to use an actual card? Trying to determine if we should just travel “the old fashioned” way this trip and apply later. Thank you so much! This site is extremely helpful.

    • Unfortunately you don’t have time. The application review process alone takes 4-6 weeks. Once you get application approval, you then have to go to a Global Entry Enrollment Center for your interview and that is done here in the states.

  29. Both my wife and I have our GOES numbers but Air Canada would not honor them on our August 2016 trip! Their ticket agent tried several times and even though their system had our GOES numbers, it would not provide preTSA boarding. We then talked to the TSA agent at screening and he said GOES is not a TSA program so receiving preTSA is merely random, just as if we did not have the GOES passes. He said we needed to sign up for the TSA program. Our trip started from USA to Canada and back.

    • To use TSA precheck, you need your Known Traveller Number, not the GOES number. You can find your Trusted Traveler member number by logging into your Global Online Enrollment System (GOES) account. Your membership number is listed toward the bottom of the page. Your membership number is also located on the back of your Trusted Traveler card in the upper-left corner.

      Also, not all airlines or airports have TSA precheck programs. That agent was mistaken, what airport did you depart and arrive at?

  30. If approved, would we get the Global Entry Card right at the interview? Time is critical since an upcoming vacation is one month away.

    • Daniel, approval can be instantaneous, but it will likely take 1 – 2 weeks to receive your card.

  31. After applying for Global Entry and receiving conditional approval from Customs and Border Patrol, how long does one have to schedule the interview? Is it the same 120-day window as with submitting a TSA precheck application?

  32. I already have a TSA pre check, but I need a Global Entry pre check too. How do I get that?

    • Ann, unfortunately, you must apply for and pay for Global Entry through US Customs and Border Patrol. You get Precheck status included with Global Entry, but not the other way around. The cost is 100 dollars and information on the full process is on this page. Good luck.

  33. If in a motorized wheelchair can we use TSA line. Can you apply for pre TSA.

    • Yes Linda, those traveling with a personal mobility device are eligible for TSA precheck.

  34. Does one get finger printed @ the appointment that was made ?? Or Does one have to provide TSA pre check with fingerprints prior???

    • April, the interview and fingerprinting are done at the TSA appointment.

  35. I applied for the Global Entry and received the conditional approval, however I live in Memphis, TN. The closest interview location according to the GOES website is in Nashville which is about 4 hours drive from where I live. Can I not just go to the Memphis Airport and get the fingerprint done there? Is there any other option for me? Thanks for your response!

    • Paul,
      It appears there is a location at the Memphis International Airport: Memphis, TN1.7 mi2491 Winchester Rd. The location is inside of Memphis International Airport (MEM) on the ticketing level between American, United and Delta ticketing areas. The location is Pre-Security and no boarding pass is required.

  36. My husband and I both have appointments scheduled to get TSA approved. I saw previous mention of guardians, but am wondering if this includes legal guardians of adult children. We have twin 21 year old daughters for whom we are legal guardians, and wondering if they will be able to accompany us through preapproved TSA or will I have to pay the fee for them as well? I do not trust them to stand in a regular line unaccompanied by either me or my husband. Thanks for your help.

  37. I’m over 70 and i have received TSA Precheck randomly on most if not all of my domestic flights for the past several years. I have never had my fingerprints scanned on using the Precheck expedited security lines so I’m puzzled by the posts that mention it as a required part of using those lines.

    • Shirley, the TSA had a program called “Managed Inclusion” for a while that allowed certain individuals deemed “low risk” to be assigned PreCheck status. However, that program ended in September of last year. Now all travelers with PreCheck status must be members of a trusted traveler program.

  38. Does the passport have to be valid for atleast 6 months in order to apply for preTSA application?

  39. Hi there,

    If I decide to do the Global Entry that means I can pass through TSA for domestic flight?

  40. Can Global Entry be used at border crossings to use the faster lanes such as in Mexico entering the USA ?

    • Maria, yes. You may use the SENTRI and NEXUS lines at USA border crossings. You need the Global Entry card for these lines (and those at seaports) but only need your passport at airports.

  41. My fingerprints are not distinctive — I’ve been told they’re worn down. I only know this because recently I changed jobs and was required to submit fingerprints as part of the application process. Because they couldn’t be read, it took the FBI much longer to compete my security check. I meet all the other requirements for these programs. Will worn down fingerprints disqualify me? I don’t want to pay this fee and go through all this, only to be turned down due to a physical abnormality.

    • Debbie,
      I apologize for the oversight – I got caught up in taking your last name and image out of your question. Your fingerprints are required. You have to scan them every time you use either Precheck or Global Entry. If your finger prints cannot be scanned, I imagine that it would be a no go. However, I would contact the Global Entry Enrollment center nearest you to double check. If you find a definitive answer, would you please post it here?

      • Am I that unusual? Surely TSA has had to deal with this before.
        The next time I’m at the airport, if the Customs office is open I will stop by and ask.

        BTW, I am going to try to use a different email address with the hope that my photo doesn’t auto populate, but if you see a photo, please delete it before allowing it to go live. Thank you.

        • No photo this time. Debbie, good luck, please let us know what they say.

  42. I submitted a application for TSA pre check and scheduled an appt. However, I need the global pre check. What should I do?

    • Unfortunately, it is a separate program. If you have already paid the fee, it is non refundable.

  43. What if someone has a felony charge from over 30 years ago

    • If it is on your record, being convicted of ANY criminal offense will most likely disqualify you for any of the trusted traveler programs. You may be able to get it expunged however.

  44. If you fly non revenue standby can you still use still use TSA pre check, not sure when your booking there’s a place to put the KTN

    • Nancy, if you are non rev as a travel industry employee or on an employees account, you’ll need to add your KTN to your APIS profile at least 72 hours before your flight. Some airlines require you to enroll in their mileage programs, where you can add your KTN as well.

  45. I have a TSA Pre-Check appointment coming up in 7/21. I haven’t paid the TSA Pre-Check fee yet. I thought it was Global Entry. Today, I just completed the Global Entry application and paid the $100 fee online. I’m waiting for an interview for Global Entry. Can I do my Global Entry interview on the day my TSA Pre-Check interview is instead? Is the Global Entry interview conducted by the same staff as TSA Pre-Check?

    • Raymond, you will have to book a separate appointment as the two programs are administered by different agencies. Global entry gives you all the perks of TSA Pre-check, but it’s not run by the TSA, rather the U.S. Customs and Border Patrol. Hopefully they have something soon for you.

  46. I often travel with my Daughter & her family ( Husband , 2 girls ages 13 & 15) 3 yr old Grandson) but no where does it define 2 things:
    1. In the rules on TSA it say “traveling with parents or guardians – what is a guardian ie legal definition
    2. Since the girls have a passport is that all they need since they don’t have a license

    • Robert, minors (travelers under the age of 18) do not need identification to travel, just a boarding pass to travel domestically – however, I’d recommend bringing the passports or a copy of their birth certificate just in case. If you are traveling internationally, they will need the passports. If you are using a Trusted Traveller Program (Pre Check or Global Entry) ALL travelers must be enrolled in the program.

      If you are traveling with the children WITHOUT their parents, you will need consent notes from both parents – stating the who, what, where, when, why (especially if the travel is international). Getting the note notarized is not required, but it is recommended. I hope this helps.

  47. It has been over a month since my enrollment interview and I have not received anything via USPS or email. When I check my status online the last update is from the date of my interview on June 4 in Houston. I was told I would have my KTN by now. Suggestions?

    • Was this TSA precheck or Global Entry? If TSA, I do know that the agency has had an enormous surge in applications, so they may be running behind their typical time frame. I would try calling one of these numbers: Application: (855) 347-8371 Customer Service: (866) 289-9673 or the office where you had your interview. Good luck and let us know what happens.

  48. My husband accidentally submitted an application for TSA pre-check instead of global entry. Since he hasn’t gone in for his interview or paid the $85, can he cancel that submission and apply for global entry instead?

    • Jennifer, the fee is non-refundable, so your husband is probably out of luck. You might try contacting the TSA, but most likely the fee will not be returned to you.

      • I have the same question. If you haven’t gone to the interview and paid the $85 in person, can you cancel the submission? And instead, apply for Global Entry that includes TSA PreCheck? It makes more sense to just pay the extra $15 and have both benefits even if you don’t travel international often (I do once a year). Thanks!

  49. How can one find out where interviews are available? I don’t see a list or link on the TSA website. I would have to arrange a special trip as I live over 2 hours from Phoenix

    • Carolyn, yes you will likely have to arrange a special trip, as interviews are only available at TSA enrollment centers. Within 125 miles of Phoenix, there are 5. In Termimal 4 at Phoenix Sky Harbor airport, 9015 N 51st Ave in Glendale, AZ, 201 W Guadalupe Rd in Gilbert, AZ, 1037 S Alvernon Way in Tucson, and 5200 E Cortland Blvd in Flagstaff, AZ. Good luck Carolyn. If you are looking for Global Entry, here is a list of global entry enrollment centers in AZ

  50. Can an expired passport be used for the Global Entry application?

  51. What other forms of ID or paperwork must a foreign citizen, bearing a passport with a visa, use to pass through security?

    • Brian, beyond a valid passport, visa, and plane ticket, I don’t believe you need any other ID or paperwork to pass through security.

  52. Regarding the required documentation – are the originals retained and if so will they eventually be returned to you? Thank you!

    • Your original documents should not be retained. If for some reason they are, they will be returned to you.

  53. I just recently completed the TSA Precheck process and have received my known traveler #. Is there a way I can upgrade this to the Global Entry as well, while paying only the incremental cost (i.e., $15 instead of the full $100)?

    • Brian,
      The two are separate programs, so you will most likely have to start from scratch. However, if you have an American Express card, there are programs to reimburse you for the cost of Global Entry.

  54. What is the difference between Global Entry and Nexus? Would I need both?

    • Sharon,
      You would only need one or the other. Global Entry includes everything that Nexus does, so if you are eligible for Global entry, go that route. It’s more expensive – at $100 for 5 years vs $50 – and requires a valid passport or permanent resident card, but includes more countries – like Australia and Japan. There are also fewer interview locations for Nexus (all located in the Northern U.S.).

      • If I do the Global Entry instead of the Nexus does this mean It does not include Australia? What countries does Global Entry include?

        • Australia is on the list of partner countries for Global Entry.

          New Zealand
          Republic of Korea
          United Kingdom

  55. I should clarify that we haven’t started the process yet – just checking into it. d

  56. We’ve already purchased tickets for a trip to Europe in August 2017 so we can’t put our “known traveler ID” on them. Does that we mean we can’t use it for that trip? Thanks, d

    • Dawn,

      Yes, you can update your existing reservation with your known traveler ID. The process will vary based on your airline, but they should be able to update it with a phone call. Good luck!

  57. Does Global Entry provide all of the benefits of TSA Precheck for domestic flights in addition to international?

    • Yes, if you sign up for Global Entry you have TSA Precheck benefits. Global Entry allows you to qualify for TSA Pre-Check on domestic and international flights.

  58. Does Globel Entry work the same as TSA Recheck for domestic flights?

  59. If the $85 fee were removed for over 80 year old seniors (like my wife and I who depend heavily on social security), then we would both enroll in the TSA pre-check. We are both zero risk, born in USA, etc. I’m a Korean War veteran and even held Top Secret and Q clearances during my working years. The TSA is defeating its efficiency by keeping its high fee. Remove it. Give free TSA pre-check for my wife and I.

    • I agree Alan. The TSA may be able to help you, though. Call TSA Cares 72 hours prior to traveling with questions about screening policies, procedures and what to expect at the airport security checkpoint.They have special programs for veterans, wounded warriors and active duty military.

      Phone: 1-855-787-2227 Federal Relay: 711 Email: Hours: Weekdays 8 a.m. to 11 p.m. ET – Weekends/Holidays 9 a.m. to 8 p.m. ET Good luck and thank you for your service

      • I just contacted your TSA cares and was told that there are no “special programs” for veterans. The waif I spoke with checked with her supervisor and actually told me there were no special programs unless you were a General or above!!!
        Can you believe that? What ineptitude, veterans should be able to get that entry for free, PERIOD!!

        • I agree Jim, that is unfortunate. However, there are many credit cards that offer reimbursement for the fees. Several of these cards are offered on a no annual fee basis for military members.

          • Where and when is the closet application center to Midland, Texas?

    • I agree! My husband is a Korean war vet., too, and we just can’t afford the fee. We don’t travel very often, and it is always a nightmare going through security. There should be some way of helping those of us that can’t stand in line for long periods and have bags full of medications, without having to pay the price of an additional plane ticket.

      • You are absolutely right. If either of you uses an American Express card, I believe they have programs to reimburse cardholders for the cost of Global Entry – but their cards have a very similarly priced annual fee. If you do find yourself with a lot of trips planned in the next several years, it would make sense to try and work the fee into your budget (easier said than done) because the membership does last 5 years. Great luck and thank your husband for his service!

    • Alan, Born in USA doesn’t mean a zero risk, but I agree that all senior citizen should get free TSA pre. Or just let them use the TFS Pre line directly.

    • I disagree Alan. While I am also a veteran, I didn’t serve in the Korean War, nor am I a Senior Citizen. Regardless of age, this fee goes toward processing costs, and to fund the whole TSA/Precheck system. My suggestion would be to plan accordingly for long security lines. I travel often, and I am glad to pay the $85/$100 dollar fees to see the short precheck lines. Keep the fees

    • I think that’s an absolutely wonderful idea! Thank you for serving Alan, I appreciate what you’ve done for this great country.

  60. We live near Grants Pass, OR. Where would we have to go for the Global Entry interview described?

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