Where Did Americans Fly to the Most 2021?

Last updated: November 1, 2022

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In 202, American Airlines held the world’s largest airline title. When you measure their flight volume, seats for sale, and available seat miles, it came in first place by all three measures dating back to 2016. Let’s dive into their recovery, as well as their top 15 routes throughout the United States, as well as internationally in 2021.

2021 American Airlines

The world’s largest airline, American, has 1,851,116 two-way flights in 2021, according to data from experts at Cirium. Its ahead of Delta (1,450,520), United Airlines (1,282,043), Southwest Airlines (1,087,515), as well as China Eastern (735,287). Alaska Airlines, Ryanair (the original unit), China Southern, Air China, IndiGo, are the airline companies that round out the world’s top-10 carrier list for the year.

Compared to 2019, American has 78% of it’s flight volume back, the exact same as Southwest. This is in contrast with 74% for Delta Airlines and 71% for United Airlines. However, as always, this has nothing to do with the amount of their passenger traffic, fares, loads, or financial performance, as always.

it’s not always insightful to examine an entire year like this, because earlier months will be much more negatively impacted rather than in more recent months. However, in November American is at 90% of the flight activity that they had in November of 2019, ahead of Southwest at 89% & ahead of UnIted, 85% and Delta, 83%.

Dallas Forth Worth seems to be the airline’s leading airport in 2021. It is highly dominant at the Texas Hub, having an 82% share of their flights. This number rises to nine in ten when you include all oneworld members, according to Cirium information.

Dallas is also a vast fortress hub, where only one airline and its regional partners here have 70% of an airports flights. However, American’s share has declined considered when it was originally examined earlier in the year of 2021, while other airline have gradually added back their capacity.

Charlotte, North Carolina (23% of American’s flights), Chicago O’Hare, Chicago (13%), Miami, Florida (10%), and Philadelphia, Pennsylvania (9%) complete the carrier’s top five airport list.

American’s top-15 routes throughout the United States

The way that a “top” route is determined will definitely influence how the results are. If you look at flights, like this study has done, it shows that Dallas features are especially prominent. Dallas to Los Angeles seems to be American’s leading flight route. The route itself is a distance of 1,235 miles (1,987 km), and everyday has between 8 and 14 departures.

American Airlines is one of the three airlines that are on Dallas-Los Angles, against seven from Austin to Los Angeles. The top 15 routes from American Airlines in 2021 was as follows:

  1. Dallas DFW to Los Angeles
  2. Dallas DFW to Austin
  3. Dallas DFW to Las Vegas
  4. Charlotte to Dallas DFW
  5. Dallas DFW to San Antonio
  6. Charlotte to Orlando
  7. Chicago ORD to Dallas DFW
  8. Dallas DFW to Phoenix
  9. Dallas DFW to Miami
  10. Dallas DFW to Denver
  11. Charlotte to Chicago ORD
  12. Dallas DFW to San Diego
  13. Dallas DFW to Orlando
  14. Dallas DFW to Houston IAH
  15. Charlotte to Raleigh Durham

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